Ezra Pound Imagery

Posted on July 11, 2011


One of my favorite things to do is to create an image. I wish I was as good of an artist with pictures as I am with my words. When an image is created with words, emotions are never too far behind. The words I choose can in some ways guide the emotions of the reader.

Ezra Pound is heavily identified with the Imagist movement. Remember “In a Station of the Metro?” This psuedo-haiku may as well be the poster-poem for Imagism. Thankfully, this poem is not the mimic exercise (as wonderful as it is). Still in the Asian motif is “Ts’ai Chi”h.”

Ts’ai Chi’h

The petals fall in the fountain,
the orange-coloured rose-leaves,
Their ochre clings to the stone.

Get your dictionary and thesaurus ready for this one. Paint pictures with your words and leave your reader with a new view. What fun can you have with “Ts’ai Chi’h?”

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